Opening Early June 2018

Paw Print Meadow is a secure dog exercise field, located in the heart of the National Forest. We are professional dog walkers, and whilst going about our business we soon came to the conclusion that a private safe and secure play area for some of our charges would be ideal, which in turn allows them to run off lead. This is perfect, especialy for the more nervous, aggresive or just naughty dog who loves to run off! We purchased the field with the happiness of our ‘clients’ in mind.
Paw Print Meadow will also be available for hire, on a hourly basis, to people who would like to run their pets in a safe environment. The field will be solely for your own private use, so eliminating any stress for you and your dogs.
We welcome any enquiries. Please call Lynda on 07932154868 if you are interested in hiring the field, OR Sonia if you are interested in our dog walking service on 07854 474972

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